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Audio Mastering
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Our experienced and helpful team have over 30 years studio experience so who better
to offer professional  mastering services.
We offer professional audio mastering at great rates. Audio mastering is the process of making your audio sound louder and clearer for commercial release. When you play your finished recording next to a commercially released CD, it may not sound as loud and clear. This can cause problems when your release is played on radio or television as it can sound weaker, lack punch and clarity when compared to commercially release titles which will have been professionally mastered.
For more information please call.

Pricing starts at £19  for the first track

and £16 per track thereafter.

  • ISRC Code?  no problem!
  • CD Text …  simple and straight forward!
  • UPC barcode added
  • Masters can be uploaded via dropbox and other tranfer sites
  • All standard audio file format excepted
  • Quick Turn around  3-4 days
  • DDP Creation
  • Streamlined for quick Duplication and Replication

  • 50 Cardwallet
    50 X CDrs in Printed Cardwallet £119

  • 50 Digipaks
    50 CDrs in Digipaks £149